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The Origins of Kintu and the Fairy Bee

When a man named Kintu saves the life of a bumblebee, the grateful bee vows to help him whenever needed. Kintu's first friend and companion is his cow. When the witch from the Mountain of the Moons steals the cow, the fairy bee journeys with Kintu to outsmart the witch and be reunited with his long-time friend. Heritage is the lifeblood of family connection. Families who know the roots of their culture can honor their history and speak proudly of it. Kintu and the Fairy Bee is a retelling of one of the earliest known Ugandan stories. Set among Lake Victoria and the Mountain of the Moons, now known as the Rwenzori Mountains - the the landscape upon which the culture survived and thrived - this brightly-illustrated book will teach children an important lesson while introducing them to Ugandan lore.

Kintu and the Fairy Bee book cover BOOK-COVER

The Importance of Children's Stories 

Heritage is the lifeblood of family connections.  Through literature, families honor their past and speak proudly of the evolution of their culture.  Picture books can begin to teach young children the geography of a country and simple truths about its traditions.

This folktale originated from the early oral storytelling of Uganda.  It relates the geography of its inland lake, Lake Victoria, and then traverses to the Mountain of the Moons, now known as the Rwenzori Mountains. 

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